NHS Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing & Multi Point Solutions For Trust: 
Offices, Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms & Training Rooms

A Message From Ian Hawkins -
Senior Project Manager:

'We can help your NHS Trust integrate this technology into your offices, meeting room, training rooms & boardrooms - Increasing ease & clarity of communication, reducing costs & travel time required between sites'

'Please call us now on: 01376 551021 to speak to myself or one of our friendly experienced project managers' 

Video Conference & Multi Point Conferencing Solutions:
  • Near Broadcast quality video & FM-like quality sound
  • Unprecedented reliable connection
  • Powerful data sharing for real time collaboration
  • Easy to Use software
  • Multi site conferencing
  • Integration to share content from your Network or Interactive Whiteboard
  • Fully project managed service to ensure smooth integration & ease of use.
Benefits to your NHS Trust: 
  • Speeds-up product development & cuts time-to-market
  • Reduces travel expenses
  • Increases billable hours of fee-earning staff
  • Improves the work/life balance & improves employee retention
  • Supports faster decision making & reduces employee frustration arising from 'process'
  • Creates access to experts in/outside the company
  • Supports HR development by offering a wider and deeper choice
  • Extends the recruitment process to a broader selection panel
  • Expands services to a wider customer base & improves customer support
  • Supports training in a scalable and cost-effective way
  • Contributes to improvements in the environment
  • Increases focus on the business and removes distractions
  • Encourages flexibility in work groups and project teams
  • Increases resource sharing
  • Keeps you at the forefront of communication technology
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