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We have installed hundreds of SMARTboard systems in nursery schools (LEA & Private) across the country.   Each individual school owner/manager having had individual requirements & seeking expert advise from our experienced installation team - we are happy to advise you on all of your requirements

Background & Aims: 
Progressively over the last eight years we have found that many more private nursery clients are now seeing the real benefits that the SMARTboard systems are providing to their nursery classrooms ICT requirements - both as teaching aides & also to assist the children with their educational progression.  

At each nursery school / site we use our indepth experience to ensure that each nursery school's exacting requirements are met & more often than not exceeded.  

A range of SMARTboard & projection solutions have been provided & installed to cater for client needs.  Please see a selection of photos on the right hand side as examples of the equipment. 

We offer various onsite training packages to ensure that the nursery schools utilise the new equipment to the full potential.

Please call one of our friendly project managers now to discuss your nursery school requirements: 01376 551021

  • Nursery School Classroom 1
  • Nursery School Classroom 2
  • Nursery School Classroom 3
  • Nursery Playgroup System 4
  • Nursery Playgroup System 5
  • Nursery Playgroup System 6

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