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We have installed hundreds of SMARTboard, projection & SMART Table systems in primary school classrooms & halls across the country.   Many primary schools now have the SMARTboard technology & are therefore looking to upgrade their systems, or are changing over from less familiar brands to the SMART brand.  

Late 2013 has seen the much awaited release of the exciting new SMART Table 442i interactive learning centre for schools & other organisations that can benefit from it's multi touch collaboration enhancing capabilities. 

In all circumstances the team here at Systembridge AV® can provide you with expert advise from our experienced installation team on all of your requirements

Background & Aims: 
To help all primary schools with their interactive needs, in particular on: SMARTboards, interactive multi touch screen displays, projection systems, interactive projectors, SMART Tables, audio packages & more.

At each primary school we use our indepth experience to ensure that each exacting requirement of the school are met & more often than not exceeded.  

We offer various onsite training packages to ensure that the school utilises the new equipment to the full potential.

Please call one of our friendly project managers now to discuss your nursery school requirements: 01376 551021
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